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Where there's a Will there's a way: The musician has been practising his art since childhood

Where there's a Will there's a way: The musician has been practising his art since childhood

If genetics play a part, Will Champlin should definitely have the upper hand - as his dad Bill was a member of legendary rock band Chicago.  

And his rock breeding clearly did not go to waste as three of the four coaches turned around to try to get him on their team during the fourth round of blind auditions, going all out to win him over.

'Hey Will - I love you,' coach Blake told him as he took increasingly desperate measures to win him for his team ahead of CeeLo and Adam. 'I think you and I could win this things together. No question about it.'

He also joked of his outfit: 'You sing your ass off - that's probably why you have to wear suspenders.'

The three coaches - having no idea of his heritage - were all desperate to win him on their team after his stirring version of Gavin DeGraw's Not Over You.

He eventually went for Adam, who had told him: 'You have a really incredible voice, bro - like really good. I can't think of one thing about that performance that wasn't incredible.'

Will admitted his dad Bill Champlin's rock career played a huge part in his own journey. 'He played organ, keys guitar and vocals on a couple of their number one hits,' he said of Chicago.

'At an early age it was very inspiring to go back stage and it probably contributed to me having such a great ear as a musician.'

His proud dad said: 'You've got to look at the business at this point of the game - visibility has always been the thing that you've gotta have at some level and it's getting harder and harder to have that. I mean some of the songs he's written are absolutely gorgeous and I'm really, really proud of him.'

Family man: The singer, pictured with his wife and daughter, chose Adam as his coach

Family man: The singer, pictured with his wife and daughter, chose Adam as his coach

It runs in his blood: Contestant Will Champlin's father Bill was a member of legendary rock band Chicago

It runs in his blood: Contestant Will Champlin's father Bill was a member of legendary rock band Chicago

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I’ll be the first to admit it, folks. I’m biased. Besides having watched Will Champlin develop into an absolute powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, producer and musician over the past decade, he’s also a close, personal friend. Last night on NBC’s The Voice, it was such a privilege to watch him take Gavin Degraw’s Not Over You and put a refreshing twist on it.

(Oh, you missed it? That’s not a problem. I’ve got you covered!)

You see? It’s not just me. I’m not crazy. Three of the biggest names in the music business turned their chairs for him, and dare I ask how Christina missed something so obvious? My prediction: she will try to steal him later in the competition. It may be a blind audition, but Christina Aguilera is ANYTHING but blind, and certainly not deaf. Not only did they turn their chairs for him, they fought over him! Even though Shelton complimented his outfit in one of the funniest moments of the evening, (“You sing your ass off, that’s probably why you wear suspenders to hold your jeans up”) Champlin gravitated toward Team Adam, who referred to him as a male version of PopWrapped season 4 favorite Michelle Chamuel.

…But that, friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a LOT that you don’t know about Will Champlin. Sure, he’s the son of Bill Champlin from the legendary rock band Chicago. Sure, his mom, Tamara, has written for musical icons like Elton John and sung on platinum records by artists such as Richard Marx and Mr. Mister. But Will Champlin is more than just walking in his parents’ famous footsteps – he is a pop music juggernaut all by himself.

Since graduating from the prestigious Berkley College of Music in Boston, Champlin has been working non-stop –  writing and producing fantastic pop records, honing his skills, and touring with legends like Carlos Santana, Los Lonely Boys, and Glen Frey of the Eagles.

Six months ago, a group of friends and I were sitting in Will’s living room, having a mini jam session, when I finally convinced Will to let me hear some of his newest work. Out of the monitors came pure pop magic.

“I’m standin’ on my own, no fear of fallin’. I’ve got the weight of the world tap dancing on a circus wire. …and I ain’t lookin’ down.”

I was hooked, and that song was just the beginning. Pop hits began to pour from the studio monitors, one after another. Everyone in the studio was staring at each other in awe, wondering how we were listening to these songs on studio monitors and not blaring from top 40 radio stations in our cars. Two months later PopWrapped premiered Tap Dancing On A Circus Wire on our Official SoundCloud page, and within 6 days the song had well over a MILLION PLAYS. Everyone from Glee cast members to MTV, VH-1, and a host of platinum-award winning artists, were re-tweeting and sharing the song. Now, four-months later, the song has nearly three million plays and counting. Since appearing on The Voice last night, the song has garnered another nearly 250,000 plays. It seems like EVERYONE is on the Will Champlin train – destination: The Finals. After all, 3 Million people can’t be wrong!

Also, be sure to download Will’s full length performance of “Not Over You” from last night’s episode of The Voice.

Stay tuned to PopWrapped for more Will Champlin and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter!


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Up until the fourth night of "The Voice" Season 5's Blind Auditions, I was thinking that CeeLo Green had a real shot of winning this season. But then, on Tuesday, he all but got shut out of the audition process, as one contestant after another passed him over. Meanwhile, Adam Levine surged into the lead, recruiting three valuable Team Adam players. Now it really looks like Adam will be the coach to beat this season, finally seizing "Voice" victory from the jaws of defeat/Blake Shelton.

Here's a full recap of the contestants who made it through this Tuesday:

Will Champlin – This guy had a lot going for him. First of all, he had a cutely nerdy style; he kind of looked like he'd been raiding Season 2 finalist Pip's closet, while Adam described him as the "male Michelle Chamuel" (a major compliment, as far as I'm concerned). Second, Will came to the competition with plenty of experience as a working musician. And third/most importantly, his father, Bill Champlin, is a member of Chicago (the band), and CHICAGO ARE AWESOME. Anyone who disagrees with me about this, I will fight you. I didn't think Will's vocal was as interesting or unique as his look, but a lot of that probably had to do with his ho-hum song choice, Gavin DeGraw's "Not Over You." Hopefully Adam, whom Will ultimately picked as his coach, can assign this guy some material that's a little cooler, a little funkier, a little more Chamuelian. Or maybe Will could just cover Chicago's "Stay the Night." That'd be rad, too. (Side note: Why did the producers make such a big to-do about Will's rock 'n' roll heritage, but no mention was made about fellow auditioner Jason Kertson's grandfather, Rob Lind of the legendary Sonics? Maybe because Will got through and Jason didn't.)
MEMBER OF: Team Adam

Big Red Chairs

Night four of blind auditions on The Voice sees our coaches’ rosters filling up, and that usually means it’s the time when they become more choosy, letting some good artists go home in the hopes of saving a spot for one that is great or unique. Will that be the case tonight? Let’s find out.

Adam, Blake and Cee Lo all need 5 more singers to complete their squads, while Christina only has 4 spots to give. Our coaches roll up to the soundstage in style, while Carson and his Kia fetch Will Champlin, the son of Chicago member Bill Champlin. For those of you too young to remember Chicago, they were great. (In a case of ‘it’s a small world,’ Bill also performed “In The Heat of the Night,” which we discussed last week.) Will’s hoping his audition will help him establish his own music career. His performance of Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You” gets Blake to push his button, followed by Adam and then Cee Lo. (But the most important thing here is that Will’s daughter is adorable, pointing at her dad on the backstage monitor.)

Adam starts the pitch process, talking about how if Gavin DeGraw songs reflect Will’s taste, then he knows a little something about that. Cee Lo’s argument is a little bit vague. Blake is almost alliterative, as he compliments Will’s power, passion, pitch – and hair. Christina admits she didn’t want to be a part of this fight. Will makes the smart decision and joins Team Adam, as Adam tells his colleagues that Will reminds him of a male version of Season 3 finalist Michelle Chamuel. What do you think of that comparison?

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"The Voice" Blind Auditions Continue With Standout Will Champlin!!!

And he's the son of legendary Chicago band member Bill Champlin!!

The blind auditions continued last night on "The Voice", and while there were many great performances, only one has really stuck with me.

Enter Will Champlin.

The singer decided to perform Gavin DeGraw's "Not Over You" and it was AMAZING.

Hey, it got all THREE of our male coaches to push their buttons!

Christina really missed out here!

Check out his audition below:

Will decided to go with Adam Levine as his coach.

Okay, two things:

1. That last big note? KILLER!!

2. How ADORABLE is the baby!? Pointing at the monitor? Precious!!

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Will Champlin gets a spot on ‘The Voice’; father is from the band Chicago (Video)

October 1, 2013

Will Champlin impressed three coaches on Tuesday night during The Voice. The contestant gave his all on the stage to impress the coaches (and the fans) and he has to give a lot of his credit to his father. The contestant’s dad is Bill Champlin from the band Chicago. Growing up around music the contestant found his passion for the best tunes.

“Tonight’s first artist’s dad happens to be in @chicagotheband. Cool dad is cool. #BlindsContinue,”tweeted The Voice from the show’s official Twitter account.

The audition was a great presentation of Will Champlin’s vocal ability. Singing Gavin DeGraw’s single Not Over You, the coaches recognized that this contestant was worthy of a spot on the show.

In the end Will Champlin decided to join Adam Levine's team and The Voice contestant is in perfect hands for the series. Seeming to connect with the artist on a very personal level, the choice was expected as the two appeared to have the same type of music.

Take a look at Will Champlin’s audition on The Voice. He looks delighted to be part of the series.

Carter Matt

NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Meet James Irwin (again), Will Champlin, and Ashley DuBose

Take a look -The Voice” is now in its seventh and eighth hours of its blind auditions, which to us is something that we like to consider as when anticipation for something else starts to bubble over a little bit. Most of the funny quips are gone, and we are left with a group of singers that are entertaining, but not necessarily the grade-A superstars that you would want to root for in the end. Heck, even some of the singers who got through tonight were not all that interesting.

Will Champlin – In tonight’s edition of “relatives of famous people auditioning” (following up Briana Cuoco last time), we have a contestant here in Will who is the son of Bill Champlin of Chicago fame. He is already a working musician, but there’s nothing wrong with a guy like this coming on the show to get himself more of a career. Plus, he’s pretty awesome / quirky. He also has a coach who should be good for him. Pick – Adam Levine.

Los Angeles Times

"Right off the bat, he scored Will Champlin of Sherman Oaks, whose father was a member of the band Chicago. Champlin had also caught the attention of CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton, but said he felt he had "more of a connection" with Levine.

Levine, unaware of the singer's lineage but impressed with his funky glasses, as well as his singing, predicted that people would connect with Champlin, calling him a "male version of [Season 4 runner-up] Michelle Chamuel."

Buzz Meter

Will Champlin sang “Not Over You” on The Voice Season 5. His dad was a keyboardist for legendary 70s group, Chicago. He’s married and has a baby. He’s making a living from music, but wants to take it to the next level.

Adam Levine says You have a really incredible voice. Christina Aguilera says It’s a tough competition here. Ceelo Green says I admire an artist with a mind of his own. Blake Shelton says Hey will I love you. That was just powerful singing. Great pocket. He chooses Team Adam Levine.



Pop Dust

Here we are again! This season of “The Voice” is trucking right along. Christina Aguileracontinues to be a positive, sweet force of good on the panel. Cee Lo Green‘s head tattoo appears to maybe be starting to melt, Adam Levine‘s beard cannot be tamed, and Blake‘s just being Miley. It’s the fourth installment of the blind auditions, so let’s get into it. Here’s who made it through to the next round.

Will Champlin‘s father was a member of the band Chicago. Man, Season 5 is really bringing the heat with the famous relatives! Will also has a very cute baby. Come to think of it, Season 5 hasn’t been slouching in the cute kid department either. Carson is really in his element hobnobbing with Mr. Chicago as Will takes the stage. He’s singing “Not Over You” and is wearing obnoxious glasses and suspenders, but has a great voice. It takes a surprisingly long time, but finally Blake, Adam and Cee Lo turn. Hard sells from everyone, including a simple “I love you,” from Blake. But love isn’t enough. Will goes Team Adam.


Will Champlin sang “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw on The VoiceBlind Auditions. Watch the video here:

Download: Will Champlin – Not Over You

His father was part of the group Chicago! He has a young daughter and a wife.

This was a very solid vocal! I liked it.

CoachPush!Sales Pitch
Adam Levine Yes You have a really incredible voice.
Christina Aguilera No It’s a tough competition here.
Ceelo Green Yes I admire an artist with a mind of his own.
Blake Shelton Yes Hey will I love you. That was just powerful singing. Great pocket.
adam levine 5 small Will Champlin   Not Over You   The Voice 5   Video Will Champlin chose




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Will Champlin Sings His Rendition of “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw

Will Champlin
Credit: Facebook


On October 1, singer Will Champlin took The Voice stage to belt out “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw. Will hopes to follow in the footsteps of his father, Bill Champlin, who was a member of the legendary group Chicago. Coach Blake Shelton pushed his button for the pop singer, followed by Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green.

All three coaches told the singer that they’d love him for their team, but ultimately Will chose to join Team Adam.

Celeb Dirty Laundry

There was some amazing talent on last night’s episode. In case you missed it, check out our LIVE RECAP — CLICK HERE. Last night, we met the sister of Caley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory), and it turns out that she has a powerhouse voice. She ultimately ended up choosing Team Christina, and we hope she goes far, as she’s been working alongside her famous sister as a Personal Assistant. It’s about time she got her big break!

Make sure to come back here, to this spot, later tonight for our LIVE recap of tonight’s Blind Auditions!

RECAP: The first audition of the night is Will Champlin, his father played in the band Chicago; Will was inspired from his father to become a musician. His father Bill says that some of the songs his son has written are amazing and believes it is his time. Will would love to be able to provide for his family with doing music; he wants to make it on his own. Will sings “Not Over You”.

Blake hit his button and turns. Adam then hits his button and so does CeeLo. Adam says he has a really incredible voice; he believes everything was spectacular and would like to help him out. Blake says he loves him, he says it was very powerful singing with an amazing pitch. He believes that both him and Will could win it all. Will chooses Adam as his coach; Adam gets up and hugs Will.


Hang on tight, Voice viewers: Tuesday night’s episode featured VoiceHISTORY! You read that correctly: history was made during night four of the Blind Auditions, and Carson Daly couldn’t have been more excited to mention it again and again. Did Christina Aguileraannounce her bid for presidency? Did Adam Levine and Blake Shelton perform with holograms of Usher and Shakira? Did Cee Lowear something completely normal!? WHAT COULD IT BE?

To let you experience the anticipation and excitement of Tuesday night’s episode, we’ll save that big reveal for later (in true Voice fashion!) In the meantime, here’s who made it through to the Battles!

Will Champlin – 30, California

First up for the evening is Will Champlin, son of Grammy winner Bill Champlin of Chicago fame. While Will performs for corporate gigs now, he hasn’t reached his father’s level of musical success, and is ready for the next step. With his wife, daughter and father supporting him from backstage, Will performs Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You.” He definitely received his father’s music genes, and receives spins from Blake, Adam and Cee Lo after a few soaring high notes.

“If the Gavin DeGraw choice reflects any sort of taste, I know something about that,” Adam says.

“You sing your ass off. That’s probably why you have to wear suspenders to keep your jeans on!” Blake jokes, adding, “I think we could win this thing together.”

After carefully considering his choices, Will chooses Adam. “He reminds me of a male version of Michelle Chamuel,” Adam points out.